Municipalities' questions were answered in the Imatra arena.

The Imatra arena makes a return to Imatrankoski's summer tour

14.4.2022 18:15
In the Imatra arena, citizens can ask questions to city officials and decision-makers.

The Imatra arena, which was canceled the previous two years due to the corona virus, is being implemented this year in connection with the summer opening of Imatrankoski in Koskenpartaa on May 21.

- As has been proven from previous years, the questions are taken in advance and at the end we try to leave time for spontaneous questions, says the contact director who hosts the event Tea Laitimo

The arena starts at 12 o'clock and I last about an hour.

Questions should be left to the electronic form 11.5. by. Questions submitted in writing to the city hall's customer service are also taken into account.

Leave the question to the decision makers.

For more information: 

Liaison Director Tea Laitimo, tel. 020 617 2212