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Even if there is nothing to worry about, it is good to repeat how to operate during, for example, a long power outage.

If something were to happen

25.3.2022 18:35
There is currently no visible threat situation at Imatra.

In recent weeks, however, many city dwellers have been interested in, for example, population shelters and home theft due to the crisis in the global political situation.
- It is not a bad thing that we always regularly communicate about these crisis preparations. We never know when, for example, nature will surprise us and we will find ourselves in the middle of long-lasting ones
power outage or water supply is disrupted, director of communications Liisa Hupli-Oinonen says.
This article has collected a few things that the townspeople have been asking about recently.

Population shelters

  • Population shelters are located in the largest properties owned by the city of Imatra (e.g. educational institutions). They are mainly intended for real estate users.
  • General, larger shelters are located in Imatrankoski (Koskentori parking garage), Tuulikallio (rock shelter) and Vuoksenniska near the market.
  • There are also population shelters in most apartment buildings built after the end of the 1950s for their residents.
  • Civil protection is not the only means of protection. It is often enough to protect yourself indoors, turn off the ventilation, close the windows and doors and follow the authorities' instructions.
  • When a crisis threatens, more detailed information about population shelters will be published on the imatra.fi website.
  • According to the law, the protection must be able to be put into use within 72 hours of the authorities' order. For example
  • in apartment buildings, care must be taken to ensure that shelters can be emptied quickly if they have been used as storage.
  • Pets may not be taken to public shelters. This rule does not apply to guide dogs or similar service dogs, such as diabetic hypo dogs.
  • It is recommended to bring food for 2–3 days, warm clothes, a blanket and a pillow, your own medicines, and books and games to pass the time.

Home stock

The 72-hour preparedness recommendation means that every home should be prepared to survive independently
in the event of a disruption, at least three days. For that, every home should have home equity.
Contents of home stock:

  • easy-to-prepare, long-lasting food
  • water
  • medicines
  • special diet foods
  • can opener
  • radio and batteries
  • hygiene supplies
  • diapers etc.
  • cling film, tape, Plastic cans
  • flashlight and batteries
  • iodine tablets
  • candles and matches
  • cash
  • pet supplies

This is how the city communicates in exceptional situations

  • The city's main communication channel in everyday life and in exceptional situations is the website (imatra.fi)
  • On the city's website, information on preparing for various crises can be found at imatra.fi/disruption situation
  • Crisis communication is also carried out on the city's social media channels (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram),
  • if necessary in Wilma and in cooperation with the local media.
  • In police operations, the main responsibility is always with the police, including communication (poliisi.fi)
  • In rescue tasks, the main communication responsibility lies with the rescue service (ekpelastuslaitos.fi)
  • If a power outage or the breakdown of network traffic connections prevents the city's direct transmission of information,
  • it's worth listening to Yle Lappeenranta's broadcasts. At that time, Yle works in cooperation with the authorities
  • as an information broker. For this purpose, you should always have a battery-powered radio available at home.
  • You can also listen to local situational instructions via the car radio.
  • In larger, long-lasting crises, information is also shared from preparedness centers, if they are established
  • is necessary.

The emergency center helps

  • If the disturbance or crisis is long-lasting, the city, together with other authorities, will set up a preparedness center at the sports hall (Kotipolku 2).
  • • Immediate help and advice is available there.
  • If necessary, the city can also use the Mansikkala, Koske and Vuoksenniska school centers as emergency centers.


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