There are many things to do in the center on Imatra day.

Imatra day again in August  

11.3.2022 13:41
The theme is Tourism in Imatra for 250 years.

This year, Imatra Day is celebrated on Saturday, August 20.8.

Dozens of clubs and associations from Imatra are celebrating the city's own celebration this year as well.

─ And the cooperation can accommodate more companies, associations and organizations. Let's make a great day together again for the people of Imatra and our guests. After two corona years, it's great to be able to celebrate the city's own day again, event producer Mari Haaparanta says.

Tourism in Imatra and all of Finland started thanks to Imatrankoski already in the 1700th century. The jubilee year is reflected in Imatra day in different ways.
─ Companies, projects and associations working in tourism in this region are welcome to tell about their own activities at the event. We have already received a great number of registrations and I promise that everyone who wants to will definitely be able to join, Haaparanta promises.

The traditional sections of the day are also on the program. First, the townspeople are offered cake coffees AM The festivities start at Inkerinaukio and at midday at Koskenpartaa, where the year's key figures are commemorated with the Imatra medal as with other various awards.

There is enough program in the city center until midnight. During the day, the rapids bubble up twice, the first time at 18 pm and the second time at midnight.

In addition, a stadium concert

Also produced by Warner Music Live in collaboration with Imatra Pallo-Veikkoin (IPV). Pesisstadion Live brings top domestic artists to the Ukonniemi Stadium for the evening of Imatra Day.

We will see you as the performers of next summer's Pesisstadion Live Antti tuisku ja Kaija Koo and a third performer to be announced later.

- The city of Imatra has invested heavily in the Ukonniemi area, many sports events have been seen there and now the area is being tested for the first time in a big entertainment event, feels the sports director of Imatra's Pallo-Veikko Jani Valkeapää.

 The city will provide more information about Imatra Day during the spring and summer.


Imatra day in the event calendar


For more information:

Imatra Day: event producer Mari Haaparanta, city of Imatra, p.
020 617 1096, mari.haaparantaatimatra.fi

Pesisstadion Live: Director of Sports Jani Valkeapää, IPV, tel. 050 538 7190, jani.v. valkeapaaatelisanet.fi


Correction 5.5.2022/XNUMX/XNUMX: Deleted information About the Imatra City Challenge side event, because it will not be organized in 2022.