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Regarding the corona tests for school children, Imatra is still waiting for national instructions.

Handing out home tests to schoolchildren starts after the winter break

25.2.2022 10:23
In the future, the mask recommendation applies to 6th graders and older students.

Home corona tests will be distributed in Imatra schools from Monday 7.3 March. from

Tests are given to schoolchildren from Vuoksenniska, Mansikkala and Koske, students from joint upper secondary schools, students from Eastern Finland School and students from the Imatra branch of Sampo Vocational College.

— Now, in the first phase, Imatra will receive 19 tests, and five packages will be distributed to each pupil and student. The schools distribute the tests to the students after the winter vacation, and at the same time THL's instructions on the use of the tests are distributed, head of education and youth Minna Rovio says.

According to THL's instructions schoolchildren, students and school staff members can take a home test if they have symptoms suggestive of the coronavirus. Testing at home is voluntary.

The test is done at home according to the instructions on the package.

If the test result is negative but the symptoms continue, the test can be repeated 1-2 times every two days.

If the test result is positive, the person has the coronavirus. In that case, the patient is Exote instructions according to this, stay in quarantine for five days and inform everyone you meet about the risk of infection.

From Monday 7.3. the school mask recommendation also changes. In the future, masks are recommended in Imatra schools for pupils and students in the 6th grade and older.

For more information:
Education and youth manager Minna Rovio, go. rovioatimatra.fi (minna[dot]rovio[at]imatra[dot]fi), TWO TWO WHEN TWO