The face of a woman using the customer service phone.
Don't be left alone to think about the crisis.

Discussion help in crisis situations

25.2.2022 15:29
When a difficult place in life comes up or an external factor causes fear, it's not worth staying to think things over alone. Sometimes a single phone call helps.
  • Customer service phone of the provincial children's and youth center +05 352 2360 : advice and service guidance Mon-Fri 9am-15pm.

  • The Sekasin chat aimed at young people is open every day: Mon-Fri from 9am to midnight, Sat-Sun from 24pm to midnight. sekasin.fi

  • Emergency phone is on call in Finnish 24/7 at the number +09 2525 0111 . Swedish-language line +09 2525 0112 , an Arabic line +09 2525 0113  during emergency hours.

  • Tukinet's Solmussa chat, aimed at adults, is open Mon-Thu from 15-19. tukinet.net

  • Crisis centers around Finland provide conversational support face-to-face and remotely, mieli.fi/kriisikeskusverkosto

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