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The library as a venue

24.2.2022 11:07
The spring season of library events begins.

The long-awaited library events are finally starting! Last fall we already got something organized and now we hope that the spring season will not be interrupted.

When you think of the library as an organizer of events, our events this spring are exactly what libraries should organize: none of the events step on the toes of other operators, all of them are related to literature and some are characteristically Imatrian. Literature and locality are good starting points for organizing events for a non-profit organization like a library.

All events organized in the library are free for participants. Sometimes it feels like it's not a virtue. Not everyone believes that you can organize high-quality events for free - with tax money. Yes you can.
The library organizes events itself, but we prefer to let other operators organize them. The library offers space, technology and marketing for events in our own channels. Good examples of this kind of activity are the philosophy cafe Virtapiiri organized by Kriittinen högälä and the lectures organized by the Numismatic club. The events organized in the library are always open to everyone, regardless of who is the organizer.

Events organized in the library must comply with the ethical principles of library work. Among them are equality, freedom of speech, civil liberties and taking care of the weaker. The library is an advocate of researched knowledge and encourages good manners, all these should be taken into account when organizing events. Spreading disinformation does not belong in the library.

The main library has five literary-themed events in the spring:

Tiina Lifländer talks about being a writer and her new book Good night on Tuesday 8.3. at 17:00.  
The music and reading tour continues on Tuesday, March 15.3. at 17:00 and on Tuesday of the following week at the Rajapatsa library at the same time. 
A. Frost, known for his Peder Jang thrillers set during the Second World War, will arrive for an interview on Thursday 31.3. at 17:00. 
Thursday 21.4. at 15:00 Ville-Juhani Sutinen, who was also a candidate for the Finlandia Prize, talks about the topic "Soviet writers' villages as instruments of freedom and the exercise of power", this event is organized by the Finland-Russia society. 
Aimo Ruusunen presents his new book Convicted on Thursday 5.5. at 17:00.

The library's reading circle will also continue, at least during the spring season. Due to the work arrangements for next fall, we hope to find a leader for the district from one of our customers. If someone has time and enthusiasm for this kind of volunteer work, you can contact the undersigned.

For children, there will be a puppet theater performed by Teatteri Sytkyje on Saturday 12.3 March, as well as fairy tales and crafts for two more times.

Changes are possible, although not desirable. You can find up-to-date information about library events From the events calendar of the city of Imatra.

Whether there are events or not, access to the library is always free. 

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