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Even in March, the city does not recommend work or study trips.

Imatra's corona team encourages patience even in March

17.2.2022 16:18
Class trips can be tentatively planned for April and May.

On Thursday, February 17.2, the corona team of the city of Imatra outlined that the city organization will follow the provincial guidelines regarding remote work. The remote work recommendation is extended by a month, i.e. it is valid until the end of March.

The provincial situation group has also recommended remote meetings.

No class trips in March yet

During the remote work recommendation, the corona team urges employees of the urban group to avoid business trips. Therefore, no class or study trips to other parts of Finland or abroad will take place in March either.

In April and May, class trips for pupils and students are allowed in Finland and abroad, if the infection situation does not worsen.

When planning trips abroad, the corona restrictions of the target countries must be taken into account and the coverage of the insurance coverage must be accurately assessed.

Mask recommendation in effect

A strong mask recommendation is still in use in public spaces.

For example, it is recommended to wear masks in schools from the third grade onwards.

─ The corona situation is still challenging for us. It is still advisable to protect yourself from infections by all means, so that, for example, the winter holiday week of schoolchildren does not end up being sick, director of services Arja Kujala says.


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Director of Services Arja Kujala, tel. 020 617 2227, arja.kujalaatimatra.fi (arja[dot]kujala[at]imatra[dot]fi)