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The province's remote work recommendation was extended for a month until the end of March.

The pandemic shows no signs of leveling off, but is intensifying in South Karelia

15.2.2022 19:05
The strong mask recommendation and remote work and remote meeting recommendation will continue at least until the end of March.

South Karelia's regional COVID-19 situation group met today, February 15.2. and stated that the omicron phase of the pandemic shows no signs of leveling off but is intensifying in South Karelia. The special care of the central hospital is once again burdened by the increase in the number of patients.

─ The number of infections continues to increase. The epidemic phase in the province is now intense. We are constantly admitting unvaccinated people to hospital treatment, says the chief infectious disease doctor Pekka Suomalainen.  

There are corona patients both in the bed ward of special care and in the intensive care unit.

─ There have been 20 percent more infections this week compared to the previous week. About 33 percent of all samples are positive, says the chief physician Sami Raasakka.

The pace of vaccination has slowed considerably in recent weeks. Quite a large part of the population has received the vaccines and many have also contracted the disease by now.

─ However, it would be desirable if vaccinations were still taken, so that the situation in the province would stabilize.

With masks at least until the end of March

The situation picture group recommends that the remote work and remote meeting recommendation be extended until the end of March due to the acceleration of the regional epidemic situation.

The decision according to section 58d of the Contagion Act (conditions for the use of premises intended for customers and participants) is valid until Sunday 20.2. until. The situation will be reassessed if the regional situation in terms of increasing infection rates continues to be worrying.

However, the situation picture group already recommends the continuation of remote work and remote meeting practices until the end of March. Of course, each workplace decides its own practices. The strong mask recommendation also continues.

The situation group will meet next time on Tuesday, May 22.2.

The next meeting of the corona team of the city of Imatra is on Thursday 17.2. At that time, the agenda includes, among other things, the students' spring class trips and other study trips.


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