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A strong mask recommendation is still valid in the province.

Restrictions on the number of people in sports facilities will be removed

8.2.2022 18:33
Hobby groups are still not allowed to mix. Adult hobby groups will be freed from restrictions next Monday.

The omicron phase of the corona is still intensifying in South Karelia and the tipping point has not yet occurred in the province.

However, the load on specialized medical care has decreased with regard to the corona epidemic. Today, the provincial situation group outlined that some restrictions can be gradually lifted.

Adult hobby groups can start on Monday

The restrictions on group and team activities for adults will be lifted next Monday, February 14.2. from

Adult health and special exercise groups organized by the city of Imatra will start on 21.2. with previously agreed schedules.

─ The week's delay in starting is due to the fact that paid remote trips are still valid next week, which have replaced the activities prevented by the restrictions. The instructors will complete these as agreed, the physical education instructor Riitta Pellinen says.

Instead, the exercise for the elderly organized at the Ukonniemi arena starts already on Monday 14.2 February.

The gyms and swimming hall are open for all age groups as usual.

Information about guided exercise sessions will be updated to the city's website During this week. The city will also publish an announcement about the start of group activities in next Sunday's Uutisvuos.

Virta-opisto is back to normal

Virta-opisti's adult physical education, dance, singing and choir groups will start classroom teaching next Monday according to the schedule.

As for the other groups, the activity started already in January.

Virta-opisto will inform adult students about the start of activities in the near future via text messages.

Restrictions on the number of people in sports facilities will be eased

As of today, the general restrictions on the number of people during the corona period will no longer apply in the sports facilities of the city of Imatra.

However, the organizers of the activity must still take into account that section 58 d is in force. In other words the organizers must still take into account that infections are prevented in the premises as follows:

  • The hobby group meets in the same composition.
  • Contact with other hobby groups is avoided.
  • Do not participate in recreational activities with flu symptoms.
  • In hobby activities, general instructions on hand and coughing hygiene are followed.
  • Unnecessary physical contact is avoided in recreational activities.
  • A strong recommendation is that instructors and people over the age of 12 wear a face mask indoors, if health reasons do not absolutely prevent its use. The mask does not need to be worn during exercise.
  • All those participating in hobby activities are instructed to follow the given health and safety instructions.
  • The organizer of the activity is always responsible for providing guidance and monitoring compliance with the instructions.
  • The stay of non-enthusiasts and instructors in the hobby and dressing rooms is minimized.

A strong mask recommendation applies

The mask recommendation is still valid in public spaces throughout the province in accordance with the instructions of the Norwegian Institute of Health and Welfare (THL).

The recommendation to use a mask applies to everyone over the age of 12 who does not have a health reason not to use a mask. 

The remote work recommendation is also valid in South Karelia until the end of February. 

The next time the provincial situation group will meet to consider the corona situation and restrictions on Tuesday, February 15.2.


For more information:

Director of Strategy and Administration Matias Hilden, p. 020 617 2200, matias.hildenatimatra.fi (matias[dot]hilden[at]imatra[dot]fi) (Imatra's corona guidelines in general and use of facilities)

Physical education instructor Riitta Pellinen, tel. 020 617 7202, riitta.pellinnatimatra.fi (riitta[dot]pellinen[at]imatra[dot]fi) (exercise groups)

Head of the Culture and Learning Center Sarianna Purtilo, p.
020 617 5401, sarianna. purtiloatimatra.fi (sarianna[dot]purtilo[at]imatra[dot]fi) (Virta college affairs)