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A strong mask recommendation is still valid in South Karelia.

Imatra will give up the use of the corona pass today

3.2.2022 15:13
Infection rates are still high. The premises restrictions are still in effect.

The corona team of the city of Imatra decided on Thursday that the use of the corona pass will be abandoned in all cultural and sports facilities. We will stop checking passports immediately today.

Yesterday, the country's government ruled on THL's recommendation, that the corona pass will no longer be used, so it is justified for us to give it up as well, director of services Arja Kujala says.

Until now, passports have been asked at, for example, the sports hall and the theater. According to the guidelines of the Regional Administration Office, it was allowed, even though the use of the premises was mainly guided by the restrictions on indoor spaces.

Otherwise, the previous restrictions and recommendations are still valid.

─ This means that, for example, at Teatteri Imatra's premiere or advance screenings at the end of this week, the corona pass will no longer be asked, but only 50 spectators will be admitted to the theater in accordance with space limitations, Kujala explains.

The provincial snapshot group will meet tomorrow. If there are new instructions, the city will inform about them together with the situation picture group.

Although the corona passport is being waived, the corona situation is still worrying at Imatra. The epidemic has not subsided in the province. South Karelia is still an area of ​​spread and infection rates are high. The province has a strong mask recommendation.


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