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The musical "Life behind the window" will finally have its premiere.

The premiere of Teatteri Imatra in February is limited to 50 people

18.1.2022 19:14
All corona restrictions will probably get an extension on 20.2. until.

South Karelia's regional COVID-19 situation group met on January 18.1. and proposed to the Regional Administration Office (AVI) that all current restrictions should be kept in force and until February 20. AVI made a decision according to the proposal on Thursday, January 20.1.

For example, the suspension of significant and moderate risk team sports and group hobbies for adults is recommended to be extended until 20.2. until.

─ Based on the recommendation of the situational group, the supervised exercise groups for adults in the city of Imatra will be on break for the next few weeks, director of services Arja Kujala says.

The rest of Virta-opisti's adult groups can start on Monday 24.1 January, but the adult choir, group singing and exercise groups will not start.

In the South Karelia region, there is already an extensive remote work and remote meeting recommendation until the end of February, as well as a strong face mask recommendation in crowded, public indoor spaces.

Koronapass will continue to be used in the sports facilities of the city of Imatra.

In events, the restrictions remain unchanged

Regarding public events and events, the South Karelia regional COVID-19 situational group also proposes to AVI the extension of the current restrictions on 20.2. until.

The Regional Administration Office also currently prohibits all indoor public events in which more than 50 people participate in the areas of the municipalities of the South Karelia Hospital District under the Infectious Diseases Act.

Events smaller than that can be organized by taking the health and safety instructions into account.

Theater premiere in February

The premiere of Teatteri Imatra's Life Behind the Window musical has been postponed several times. The first time the transfer took place a year ago because of the corona virus.

 The city of Imatra's own corona team outlined on Tuesday that the premiere planned for February 5 will be held for smaller audience groups at a time. The maximum limit for both the premiere and the following screenings is probably 50 people. 

─ We perform the shows in a health-safe manner. Our theater has a good 200 seats, so for an audience of 50 people we are able to offer very good safety intervals and this way we can finally enjoy theater art, theater director Timo Rissanen says.

Teatteri Imatra will inform those who have reserved their tickets about the practical arrangements in the coming days. The theater's restaurant services will also be announced this week Theater on Imatra's website and on Facebook.


For more information:

Service Director Arja Kujala, tel. 020 617 2227, arja.kujalaatimatra.fi (arja[dot]kujala[at]imatra[dot]fi).

Theater director Timo Rissanen 020 617 6645, timo.rissanenatimatra.fi (timo[dot]rissanen[at]imatra[dot]fi)   


Edited on February 21.2.2022, XNUMX: added information about AVI's decision and Virta school's adult groups.