Children at school.
Vuoksenniska school center.

Registration for the first grade of basic education ends on Friday, January 14.1.

10.1.2022 17:53
Instructions have been sent to guardians before Christmas. The school is primarily registered through Wilma.

Registration for the first grade of basic education is underway. The school is primarily registered through Wilma.

Instructions for the guardians of future 1st graders have been sent by email in week 50.

If the guardians do not have Wilma IDs, the instructions, registration form and reply envelope have been sent to the guardians by mail.

The registration period for the first class ends on Friday 14.1.

— The date has been brought forward this year. We hope that all school entrants will register by the deadline, education and training application specialist Juha Oravuo says.

The primary school location is the child's local school

When registering, a nearby school is presented as the child's school.

Parents can, if they wish, apply for a school place for their child at another school as well. At that time, the principal of the school center makes the decision to admit students based on the criteria decided by the welfare board.

More information about the local school and applying to a secondary school can be found in the city from the website.

The same school registration form is also used to apply for large-scale bilingual education. Teaching in Finnish and English is organized in Imatra at the Koske school center.

—Guardians have been informed about bilingual education and how to apply for it before Christmas, Oravuo says.

You can visit in the spring

The decision on the school place will be made during February.

An orientation day is organized for new schoolchildren and their guardians at their own school in April-May. A separate invitation will be sent to the event.

According to current information, 214 new 1st graders will start next fall at Imatra.


More information on registration:
Education and training application expert Juha Oravuo, juha. squirrelatimatra.fi, 020 617 5557

More information about extensive bilingual education:
Mika Korhonen, assistant principal of Koski School Center, mika.korhonenatimatra.fi, 020 617 5607

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