Three men side by side in the library.
Pekka Ranta, Mika Kähkönen and Heikki Pöyhiä

From the music and reading tour

21.12.2021 13:58
The rock is playing and there are enough books.

Even though I am a librarian in my desired profession, it is not always possible. You can't always handle any job. The problems caused by the corona years are weighing on both staff and customers. When I was looking for lost books and sorting out long-distance loan messes, I thought, Is this what it's like until retirement: a man in his fifties and his whole life is one search for books. 

Fortunately, library work is sometimes more than that, such as project work. My most recent and ongoing project work is funded by the Regional Administration Office Music and reading project. The tour, which combines music and book advice, is one of the best, or even the best, library experience I've had in my four-decade library career. Together with musicians Heikki Pöyhi and Pekka Ranta, I tour Heili libraries and recommend music books to the public by artists whose music Heikki and Pekka perform. By way of illustration Rauli Badding Somerjoki.

Not only have we performers liked the tour a lot, but so has the audience. The feedback has been only positive. Several feedbacks emphasize how great it is that two musicians sound like a bigger orchestra. The almost unbearable handsomeness of the performers also comes to the fore: "It was great to be able to listen to and watch young men!" Yeah, yeah, that's nice. Heikki and Pekka are young men.

It has been wonderful to watch how the musicians have polished the songs from gig to gig. For example, Junnu Vainion I'm going over there has changed at the time of the first gig from the traditional version to jazz already containing ambient elements. Pekan's Jykevä and stylish bass playing keeps the job together even when Heikki's innovative guitar playing leads to really high spheres. Night after night, I manage to be amazed by Heikki's amazing playing skills and wonderful singing. 

If you haven't seen or heard the Music and Reading tour yet, don't worry. Three appearances remain:

Imatra main library 15.3. at 17:00
Parikkala main library 16.3. at 17:00
Rajapatsaa library 22.3. at 17:00

(Note! Due to restrictions, the dates have changed from the original.)

With this information, I wish everyone the most peaceful and safe Christmas and a better coming year! 

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