The man is holding a crab.
At one point, we got to know crabs.

Schoolchildren got to know the fish and organisms of Vuoksi in the city stream

23.9.2021 18:29
The fishing day was part of the activities of the junior university Universoma.

Imatra's 8th graders got to know Vuoksi's fish, crabs and benthic animals in the city stream this week.

The students went around the city stream around six ticks. Check marks different organizations the experts shared current information about Vuoksi's fish, crabs and benthic animals and provided guidance on fish research methods.

- It's been nice, I didn't have to go to maths class, Aatu Immonen Vuoksenniska's school is a laughing stock.

In addition to the missed math class, the day had other joys.

- It's really been nice. For example, it was interesting to hear about the stunning of fish. I didn't know such a thing was done. Now I also recognize the trout.


Fish Day4.jpg

Vuoksenniska's 8th graders examine the contents of a fish's stomach. On the left is Aatu Immonen.

Universoma complements the teaching

The urban stream theme day is part of the activities of Imatra junior university Universoma. Universoma offers education with a focus on natural sciences and complements school curricula.

This year, in addition to the city stream, the 8th graders also get to explore the Lappeenranta campus of LUT University. During the campus visit, you get to know the university and the university of applied sciences with the help of various workshops.

The Universoma group of 3rd graders deals with clean water. The 4th graders, on the other hand, get to know Vuoksi's waterways in lessons.

For high school students, there are online courses, a visit to LUT University and the opportunity to participate in Climate Protection Days.

Through the junior university, training is also organized for preschool and primary school teachers.


Fish Day was implemented by the Finnish-Russian border river project RiverGo together with the city of Imatra. Southeast Finland - Russia The RiverGo project, which received funding from the ENI CBC program, has so far organized more than 2,5 different events in Finland and Russia during its 30-year duration.




fish day2.jpg

At one cross, the bottom of the urban stream was investigated.