Imatra aims to be carbon neutral by 2030.

In 2020, Imatra's climate emissions decreased by almost a tenth

18.8.2021 11:46
Total emissions have decreased at Imatra by 51% from the 2007 level. The city continues active activities to reduce emissions.

Imatra's climate emissions decreased by 8% last year. Emissions have decreased from the 2007 level in all areas.

- For example, with regard to district heating, emissions have dropped by 82,7%, consumer electricity by 70,7%, and waste processing emissions have also dropped by 39,7%, climate coordinator Eetu Ahlberg says.

Last year's emission reduction is partly explained by Corona and a warm year. However, last year's decrease is part of a steady decrease in emissions: since 2007, total emissions have decreased by 51%. At the same time, emissions per inhabitant have decreased by 45%.

Follow the city's climate measures from the climate meter

The city of Imatra actively strives to reduce emissions in all sectors. It is possible to monitor the city's climate measures About the climate meter.

- There are 39 measures in the meter that we at the city of Imatra have committed to in order to reduce greenhouse emissions, Ahlberg says.

The city's goal is to strive for carbon neutrality by 2030. Carbon neutrality means that no more carbon dioxide emissions are produced than can be bound from the atmosphere into carbon sinks.

Imatra is also part of the Hinku (carbon-neutral municipalities) municipal network and is committed to aiming for an 80 percent emission reduction by 2030 from the 2007 level.

The figures are based on the emission calculation system of the Finnish Environment Institute. The system applies the so-called Hinku system data. They include emissions that the municipality can influence directly or indirectly, so the calculations miss the vast majority of industry and through traffic, i.e. bus and freight traffic.


For more information:

Climate coordinator Eetu Ahlberg, 020 617 4665, eetu.ahlbergatimatra.fi (eetu[dot]ahlberg[at]imatra[dot]fi)

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