Kävelykatu Koskenparras on Imatra Day 2018
Imatra Day could not be held last year either because of the corona virus.

The Imatra day will not take place as planned

12.8.2021 17:17
The shortened party plan will be announced next Monday.

The corona team of the city of Imatra decided on Thursday that the Imatra day cannot be organized in its normal scope due to the change in the epidemic situation and the new recommendations.

─ This is really unfortunate, but in a large crowd, infections are also possible in outdoor spaces, deputy mayor Kaisa Heino says.

Imatra's own celebration day is not to be missed. In the coming days, we will think about whether some aspects of the celebration can be implemented on a smaller scale. For example, the unveiling of the medalist and other awards will be carried out at least virtually. More information about these plans will be given on Monday, August 16.8.

The city is waiting for AVI's official decision on gathering restrictions regarding more detailed plans for Imatra Day. If the decision comes tomorrow, Friday, the official restrictions will come into effect on Friday, August 20.8.

The theater is sold for half the hall

For theater Imatra, ticket sales will continue as before. In other words, half of the seats for the shows are sold.

The first premiere of the autumn season is 11.9.

─ We are waiting to see if there will be relaxations to the recommendations for theaters. We will make more detailed decisions closer to the premiere, Heino states.

Activities will also continue in the library and Kulttuuritalo Virra as before.

Schools and hobbies continue

There are no changes to the use of schools and hobby facilities at Imatra now, because the recommendation to avoid close contact does not apply to continuous, normal activities or normal workplaces.

The corona team hopes that families will discuss gathering restrictions with young people, especially now. The weekend is coming up, when the youth traditionally used to gather to celebrate.

There is no audience for Monday's council meeting

Meetings of authorities, such as meetings of the city council, board and boards, can be organized as attendance meetings. Therefore, Imatra's new council will meet normally next Monday. The authorized persons have a strong mask recommendation.

However, the public cannot enter the council hall, but the meeting can be followed via the city's website and social media channels. In addition, the public has the opportunity to follow the meeting from the lobby of the town hall via a screen.


For more information:

Head of Welfare Services Arja Kujala, tel. 020 617 2227, arja.kujalaatimatra.fi (arja[dot]kujala[at]imatra[dot]fi)