A man throws a seashell from the pier into the water in the evening in the rain
Ten seas are allowed for a year with one permit

The crabbing season starts on 21.7.

8.7.2021 15:38
You can go crabbing with Vuos throughout the crabbing season.

Eating in Vuos is allowed on 21.7. from 12.00 to 31.10. Crabbing requires a permit, which costs 35 euros. One license entitles you to catch 10 seas.

Permits can already be bought Vuoks fishing park, but they won't be available in the online store.

- There is a very strong spotted crab population this year. As an alien species, the spotted crab does not need special protection, says fishing master Tomi Menna from the city of Imatra.

However, crabbing is prohibited in general fishing prohibition areas and at a distance of less than 50 meters from private piers or beaches. In order to prevent the spread of crayfish, bait fish in the seas must be frozen or caught from Mellonlahti or Vuo. As an exception to previous years, both Mellonlahti and Vuoki have the same permit. 

Fishing master Menna believes that there are enough crabs for everyone.

- A good crab year can be expected. The warm early summer has helped the crabs to change their shell, 


For more information:

Fishing master Tomi Menna, tomi.goatimatra.fi, tel. 020 6174303