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Pekka Ranta and Heikki Pöyhia

Music and reading project

30.6.2021 11:45
Music book recommendations and live music

The Multiliteracies project with Sanarkisti sections managed by the Lahti Regional Development Library, which continued throughout the terrible year 2020, has come and gone, but not a year without a new project. This time, the Imatra city library received funding from the regional administrative agency for a book recommendation project called Music and reading. 

I wrote about music books already from the previous project, it may be that some of the works I mentioned then will be included in the gigs of this project. The suggestions of the Music and reading project differ from traditional suggestions sessions in that there are two professional musicians playing music related to the books I recommend. Or I guess it's better to say that guitarist-singer Heikki Pöyhiä and bassist Pekka Ranta play music on the basis of which I recommend books. Be that as it may, as far as I know, such a combination has never been organized anywhere before, so I'm anxiously waiting to see how it works. Mostly, though, I'm only excited about whether I'll remember to recommend the books at all, when I'm concentrating on listening to Pöyhiä and Ranta's wonderful musicianship. Well, I worry for nothing. Yes, they can play and I can talk. 

As part of the project, we will perform in ten different Heili libraries. The dates have been locked, but of course with the caveat of how the world will look next fall and next year. Time has been set aside for the project until the end of next year, but due to the musicians' other work, we are trying to somehow get the job done this year. This is what the calendar currently looks like:

A swan
Tuesday 28.9. at 17:00

Thursday 30.9. at 18:00

Tuesday 5.10 at 17:30 

Wednesday 6.10. at 17:30

Wednesday 13.10. at 18:00

Thursday 14.10. at 17:00 

Clay pot
Tuesday 26.10. at 17:00 

Slow down
Thursday 28.10. at 17:00 

Wednesday 3.11. at 13:00

Wednesday 16.3.2022 at 17:00

I believe, or at least firmly hope, that the matter will be taken care of on these dates. If only we can all trust the experts, be careful with the recommendations and be careful anyway, so that the corona restrictions don't have to be tightened again. These instructions and recommendations are not given for fun or out of spite, but based on researched information.

By the way, summer is a great time to visit the library! Just as good as autumn, winter and spring.

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