Ihmisiä kävelemässä Koskenpartaalla.
Kyselyssä kartoitetaan imatralaisten kokemuksia kaupungin palveluista

The equality and social justice questionnaire is now open

In the questionnaire, citizens can tell about their experiences in the public services of the city.

The city of Imatra has conducted a questionnaire on equality and social justice which surveys the citizens’ experiences in the public services of the city. The questionnaire focuses on the realisation of equality and social justice, and the experiences of discrimination and inappropriate treatment in the public services of city of Imatra, and how the city should improve its services considering equality and social justice. The results are utilised to elaborate the social justice and equality plan of the city and in the development of the services provided to the municipal citizens.

You can answer the questionnaire either in English, Russian or Finnish. 

The questionnaire is conducted anonymously, and the answers cannot be tracked to any specific respondent. The questionnaire is open until 5.7.

In English

In Russian

In Finnish