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You can follow the progress of Imatra's climate work on the Climate Meter

20.5.2021 16:30
39 concrete measures have been put together in the climate meter, with the help of which greenhouse gas emissions are reduced in the Imatra urban group. The status of the measures is updated in the meter at least twice a year. 

The city of Imatra's climate measures are compiled on the city's website To the climate meter. From the climate meter, everyone can easily monitor what measures are being taken in the city to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and how the measures have progressed. 

There are currently 39 measures in the meter. Most of the measures are ongoing or those that are intended to be implemented during the current year. 

- The purpose is to develop an easy and simple channel from the meter, from which anyone can follow the progress of Imatra's climate work, climate coordinator of the city of Imatra Eetu Ahlberg says. 

The implementation of the measures is reviewed twice a year and their progress is updated in the meter. 

Included, for example, is the solar power system of the Koske school center 

Climate meter measures are concrete actions and investments that help reduce emissions in the entire Imatra area. In addition, there are measures aimed at activating residents and local businesses in climate work. 

- The meter includes, for example, the solar electricity system coming to the Koske school center. In the future, 11 percent of the school center's energy needs will be produced using its own solar electricity system. 94 percent of the electricity produced goes to the school's own use and the rest is sold to the grid, says Ahlberg. 

The meter also includes, for example, the carbon-neutral district heating produced by Imatran Lämpö Oy and the electric buses that will be used in the city's local traffic. 

The measures have been taken from Imatra's greenhouse gas emissions control annual calendar. Compiling the annual clock is part of the responsibilities of the Environmental Center's Carbon Neutral Municipalities (Hinku) network. The city of Imatra joined the Hinku network in 2019. 

The city council has approved the actions of Climate Meter in October 2020. The progress of the actions will be discussed in the city council next Monday. 


For more information: 

Climate coordinator Eetu Ahlberg, 020 617 4665, eetu.ahlbergatimatra.fi (eetu[dot]ahlberg[at]imatra[dot]fi)   

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