Students at the computer.
The project of Samu Lehikoinen (foreground), Eino Berg and Samuli Lankinen took second place in the XSumo series of the Innokas2021 tournament.

The students of Vuoksenniska school were awarded in the Innokas2021 programming and robotics tournament

12.5.2021 18:31
Earlier in the spring, Vuoksenniska's 8th graders were awarded in the Luma StarT competition. The work has been done as part of Imatra Junior University Universoma.

The students of Vuoksenniska school's robotics club were awarded on Wednesday at the national Innokas2021 programming and robotics tournament.

The students participated in the tournament with a video they made themselves.  Samu Lehikonen, Eino Bergin ja Samuli Lankinen in the video Myräkkä and the robots named Myräkkä junior fought against each other in XSumo.

XSumo is a sport where robots follow a line on the ground into a fighting ring and then fight each other.

- There were nine rounds in the video. The final result was 6–3 in favor of Myräkä, Lankinen says.

The robots in the video were built by the students themselves. Myräkkä is made of Lankinen's own Legos, and it took years to put it together.

- Myräkä junior, on the other hand, was built very quickly in the robotics club, he says.

The Innokas2021 tournament was organized remotely. According to the organizers, there were almost 1000 participants.

-Vuoksenniska's robotics club members were also able to be interviewed live, teacher Jari Palviainen mentions.

Robotics enthusiast2021.jpg

Noisy has been programmed for a long time and with devotion.

Universoma brings science to elementary schools

Participating in the Innokas2021 tournament is part of the activities of Imatra junior university Universoma.

Universoma's goal is to offer schoolchildren contact with science and the world of higher education already during elementary school.

Cooperation is carried out with LUT University and LAB University of Applied Sciences. Imatran Lämpö, ​​Imatran Vesi, Etelä Karjala waste management and Mitra Imatra's developer are also involved.

In addition to the robotics tournament, theme days and projects have been organized during the winter within the framework of Universoma.

For example, in January, the eighth graders completed a multidisciplinary study unit, where they organized events related to green technology, water and waste management.

- The students also did project work, the topic of which was future habitats, teacher Päivi Hirvonen says.

Students from Imatra have also been awarded earlier in the spring, when in April the 8th grade students from Vuoksenniska School Eeti Korhonen, Lotta Törmä ja Anne Kuusmetso was awarded in the Luma StarT competition for his project related to sustainable development.

- The students prepared an environmentally friendly detergent from chestnuts and tested the effect of different bleaching agents on the cone dyeing of fabrics.

StrarT awarded.jpg

In April, Eeti Korhonen, Lotta Törmä and Anne Kuusmetso received the prize of the Luma Start competition from the chairman of the jury, Saku Laapio. The award came for the development of an environmentally friendly detergent.


For more information:

From the robotics club: Teacher Jari Palviainen, jariatedu.imatra.fi (jari[dot]palviainen[at]edu[dot]imatra[dot]fi)
From the StarT project: Teacher Päivi Hirvonen, paivi. hironenatedu.imatra.fi (paivi[dot]hirvonen[at]edu[dot]imatra[dot]fi)
From Universoma: Universoma - Imatra Junior University | Imatra

The operation of the robotics club is also a part New Stream of Technology (Nesttec) project. The duration of the project is 1.10.2019 October 30.9.2022-279 September 971 and the budget is €223, of which €976 is EU money. The project has a total of eight workshop meetings or seminars, where students assemble robots and program their functions