Aerial view, observational view of the Mioni business park, large area, buildings
An observational image of the carbon-neutral Mioni business park.

The city creates conditions for businesses

25.4.2021 04:26
"Getting new companies to Imatra is not a magic trick, but requires long-term work."

Imatra needs new jobs. Therefore, the city must be created conditions for business activities in the area, current and future.

- At Imatra, Business Services wants a one-stop shop principle, no startups or a moving entrepreneur has to run behind many doors. Town's plot and space options are offered to potential companies as much as possible ready options, mayor Kai Roslakka says.

This especially requires the urban development responsibility area, the Imatra region closer cooperation between the development company (Kehy) and Mitra than before.

Ecosystem jobs

Imatra is involved in the new Ecosystem agreement with Lappeenranta, with LUT University and the Ministry of Labor and the Economy. Cooperation one the purpose is to launch a carbon-neutral business park, Mioni Industrial Park To the ear socket. The goal is that in 2027 there will be hundreds of new ones in the area jobs.

- Another Mioni park attracting businesses and jobs is pending in Pelkola. Nets have already been launched in that regard as well. The area would fit the batteries for refining operations, logistics and the hydrogen industry, CEO of Mitra Lassi Nurmi says.

Seals in the projectughn unionötä with different educational institutions, brillä competent workforce is an important part of vitality, deputy mayor Kaisa Heino highlight.

Development boom underway

The biggest investment in Kehy's business services goes to development work.

- Recently, it has been great that companies are developing their operations, thinking about their networks and looking for partners. Corona has triggered set in motion a development boom, the harvest of which we will see later, CEO of Kehy Antti Oravuo says.

The aim is to create new cooperation opportunities for local companies also with large industry. This would give the area to small and medium-sized ones opportunities for companies to grow.

- We always strive for growth in all cooperation. 

Under the leadership of Kehy, various company group projects are also implemented, in which entrepreneurs have their own goals and those shared by the industry.

- We have been starting, for example, the export of bakery products and there are tourism projects related to Vuoko going on, says Oravuo.

One of Kehy's key tasks is also advising start-up companies.

Railway border, nature museum, Ukonniemi and Mellonmäki

The city has also intensified the monitoring of its own flagship projects. The city government wants a monthly report on how the number one projects are doing progressing.

The city's most important energy projects are currently the railway border internationalization, getting a wilderness and nature culture museum in Imatra,

Development of Ukonniemi and the harbor area, design of a new sports hall and working on the Trail Center Mellonmäki cycling center.

- Getting new companies and increasing vitality is not a magic trick, but requires long-term work. We do that all the time it is not necessarily visible to the public, Roslakka states.

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