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It is hoped that the temporary funding will inspire people to apply for project funds

The city facilitates the project financing of Imatra associations by granting loans for projects

17.2.2021 12:15
The purpose is to make it easier for Imatra associations to apply for external funding.

Support for various development projects is paid to the project implementer almost always only when the project costs have already been paid. Many associations have few funds, which may have prevented them from applying for project funding. 
Now this is about to change in Imatra, when the city can grant temporary funding to associations, in which case getting project money will no longer depend on a lack of funds. The maximum amount of the loan is 10 euros per year per applicant.
Development and employment coordinator of the city of Imatra Sirkku Sarlomon according to the funding during the project is the city's response to the associations' needs.

- The initiative for temporary project funding has come from the associations. It would be good if this fueled the activity of the associations.

The content of the funded project can be very diverse, as long as it is in line with the city's goals. There must be a decision about financing when you go to apply for temporary financing.

- It is likely that Kärki-Leader ry and ESR (European Social Fund) money could come into question. As far as I understand, associations use these the most, Sarlomo thinks.

For more information:
Development and employment coordinator Sirkku Sarlomo circus.sarlomoatimatra.fi, tel. 020 617 2225

Terms of temporary financing

  • A short-term loan can be granted for the temporary financing of a project implemented in Imatra and promoting the implementation of the city's strategy.
  • Granting a loan requires that the association or non-profit organization is registered and its registered office is in Imatra.
  • A loan is only granted to an association that has received a grant for the project from an EU or national funding program.
  • A condition for granting a loan is a positive financing decision by the public financing authority.
  • When considering granting a loan, the association's ability to implement the project in question and the importance of the project in terms of the development of the city are taken into account.
  • Loans are granted based on applications. The association receiving the loan must give the city a promissory note. The city requires the association's responsible persons (2 persons) to provide a joint and several liability guarantee. The signatories and guarantors of the promissory note should note that the association may have to pay expenses in the project in addition to the loan, which are not eligible for support but which have been financed with temporary funding granted by the city.
  • A maximum of 10.000 euros per association can be granted during the year. With a separate decision and for a justified reason, the maximum loan amount can be higher.
  • The loan period is a maximum of 36 months. For a justified reason, the loan period can be extended by a separate decision. 
  • The loan is interest-free. No processing or other costs are charged for the loan.
  • The loan will be repaid in accordance with the payment plan drawn up with the association. The default interest on the loan is in accordance with the applicable interest law at any given time. Late payment interest is charged from the due date to the payment date. 
  • The debtor has the right to repay the debt prematurely. The debtor must notify the creditor of the repayment two weeks before paying the loan.
  • The decision on the loan is based on the principles approved by the city government by the office holder, to whom the decision-making authority has been determined according to the administrative rules. The loan decision is made into an office holder decision. The loan decision is prepared and the loan repayment is monitored by the finance and financial administration services unit. Financial and financial administration services check the credit information of the association and the guarantors. The project team takes a position on the compliance of the project with the city's strategy.

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