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Book tips for autumn, part 2

3.11.2020 13:17
The evenings get darker, books bring light.

This dark and windy season that has started, a warm one for its time, requires reading to cheer it up. Hygge is fashionable these days, for once I'm on the crest of a fashion wave. After all, I've been hyggeilling all my life, I prefer to do nothing in my free time. Reading is the best thing to do, because it relaxes and at the same time makes you wiser.

Reading is not always easy nowadays, because it is difficult to concentrate in the face of a constant flood of information and entertainment. That's why sometimes you have to learn to read again. Vesa Sisättö has written a book on the subject The power of reading - Calm your mind and improve your concentration. Although the name of the book is frighteningly educational, the book is easy to read and encouraging. A person who reads is away from evildoing, Sisättö summarizes his thesis.

Eppu Nuotio's good-natured novelty Maggie and me is a book about life, friendship, the ups and downs of marriage and everyday life with sleet. And about reading. The book travels in two timelines, and the life of the protagonist Hanna, who lives in the present, revolves around Venny Soldan-Brofeldt and her friend Maggie Gripenberg.

Panu Rajala is a bit similar to Matti Mäkelä, so maybe not an easy person for those closest to him. However, he writes beautifully, as did Mäkeläk. Rajala's latest work is a diary Quarantine - scattered thoughts from the corona weeks. It is good that the spring of this historic year is also documented in this way.

Kari Hotakainen is a difficult author for me, only about every third or fourth of his books have inspired me. latest book, Shaking, belongs to easy reads, it is a fairy tale for adults. A funny, but quite scary fairy tale about the emptying of the countryside, urbanization and inequality.

Tommi Liimatta has written his biography in diaries and other texts since he was a small boy, the third part has now been published as a book, Rollo. Rollo starts from 1990 and Liimata's move to Rovaniemi. I haven't been able to read the previous ones in the series Yep-parts, because the least interesting parts of biographies are descriptions of childhood. Liimata's life became interesting to me only at this point, when his future band Absoluttinnen Nollapiste slowly began to take shape. Liimatta has documented his life accurately. Maybe even a little frighteningly accurate.

For lovers of police novels, I recommend Kale Puonti's book Manny. Puonti has worked in the Helsinki criminal police for decades and knows what to write about. The description of police work thus seems believable, the aging chief constable's struggle in the bureaucracy of officials who do not know the matter is told in the deep chest voice of experience. Manni is a good addition to the long list of straightforward domestic police novels.

A novelty novel by a collective of writers called Vilu Varento Be cool is fun and exciting, according to the authors themselves, a book especially aimed at boys, the theme of which is shame. Shame, embarrassing situations. The ones that gnaw at the mind even after years and decades. Embarrassing situations should not be ashamed, however, because the book shows that shame can be a superpower.

Yes, with these books, you can already read a little about the incognito period. I personally like autumn, the darker the better. When the wind howls and the rain hits the tin roof, I can, with a clear conscience, curl up under a blanket and read a good book, without the lawn mowing and undone house repair work weighing on my mind.

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