Matti Luostarinen on the Lammassaari nature trail
Matti Luostarinen tests the functionality of the signs on the Lammassaari nature trail with his cell phone

Forestry engineer Matti Luostarinen answers questions and ideas about nature trails

11.9.2020 17:06
Imatra's resident newspaper asked about the use of the city's nature trails. Among the hundred and ten answers, there were 23 questions or comments that Matti answers on this page.

Matti Luostarinen thanks those who answered the survey and answers the questions as follows:

"More litter along the paths"

- Emptying the garbage also along the paths is probably too expensive to organize. In Lammasaari, Neitsytniemi ranta, Mutteri ranta, Mellonlahti and on top and at the foot of Mellonmäki there is trash, which is emptied weekly. It is best to carry your own garbage with you away from nature.

"The planks of the Malonsalmi bridge could be renewed"

- They are renewed every year. Next time, 5-10 bridges will be renewed in the spring of 2021

"If there was one paper map on which every nature trail, length, degree of difficulty, places to make fires, whether it is "open" every season, other services, were marked. Thank you"

- A good idea to consider, if funding and a creator can be found.

"Guide signs and markings are sometimes confusing"

- The paths are marked by different parties at different times. The routes between Ukonniemi and Rauha were unified in their markings a few years ago. It was quite an expensive project.

"A brochure with all these routes listed, information boards about the route at the starting points, the same information online"

- A good idea to consider, if funding and a creator can be found

"There may also be nature trails that are just as walkable as Sienimäki's new coastal path. Going to Malosaari is miserable if you don't get past Hossuka's sauna. From there, the route can start right behind the sauna"

- Previously, the route started at the corner of Hossuka's old sauna. Nowadays, the area is rented to a private entrepreneur, so the start of the route has been moved to the back corner of the so-called dog field. There is a guide to the place from Hosseinlahdentie with signposting (Kylpylä nature trail) and paint markings (white paint).

- Lammassaari disabled access is easily accessible from e.g. with wheelchairs and prams.

"Around Mellonlahti, many go to the water plant and back along Haikolankatu. Do the plots of houses on the beach side of Haikolankatu extend all the way to the beach? If not, could there be guidance for the cliffs on the beach or at least the beach could be cut so that Vuoksi and the beautiful bay could be seen by joggers from the street? Route guides are a disposable item for locals. Investing in experiencing nature without exploring the area, take advantage of it every time you visit. ?”

- The lots don't extend all the way to the shore. The beach bench in question has been calmed, e.g. for birds and vegetation. Sometimes there have been plans for a walking route to the ridge of the bench, but it has failed due to people's opposition.

"If you could get all the sheds on a shed map, it would be easier to find fire places":

- A good idea to consider

"There could be guided tours. For example, in cooperation with the local nature conservation association":

- A thoughtful and good idea. It could easily happen

"It would be good to add more routes and improve guidance. Natural forest paths are the best to walk!”:

- The forest paths can be seen on reasonably up-to-date terrain maps. The guides are designed only for built nature trails with check marks.

"I'm really looking forward to the possible continuation of the Mellonlahti run in the direction of Sveto."

- A continuation route to the lands of Tornator towards the Hallikkaanjoki has already been planned for the area. There you have to do some clearing and use excavators (renovation of a few thousand euros). Currently, that direction can be reached along the roads on the Tornatori seed farm.

"Why couldn't the Mellonlahti run also be around the entire bay, after all, the beach is calmed down from the settlement?"

- The coastal area has a conservation designation in the plan, which reduces the enthusiasm to build a public access route in the area between the settlement and Mellonlahti.

"Similarly, the surroundings of Hallikkaanjoki are wonderful, of course a bit far and could be challenging to implement. There could be more nature trails in Meltola, for example in the forest near Lampsinjoki."

- The vicinity of Lampsiinjoki can be reached via the trail network starting at the end of Peikonpolu. There is also a bridge over Lampsiinjoki.

"A bridge between Mellonlahti and Ivoniemi would be a really great thing"

– Cost issue.

"Extending the Mellonlahti loop in the direction of Vallinkoski."

– Planned, not implemented.

The actual nature trails can be found at imatra.fi/luontopolut. At each nature trail, you will find extensive information about the trail with tick marks and a link to the Outdoor Active service. You can get more information from there. about the trail with its locations, height variations, degree of difficulty, length, as well as attractions in the area and other nearby routes, etc.

There are QR codes at the check points on the actual nature trails, from which you can get the entire file of the nature trail on your phone.


best regards,
Matti Luostarinen