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Finland's largest wooden school opened its doors in Imatra

Imatra introduced Finland's largest wooden school on 13 August.

The new building opened in Mansikkala has 11,000 square metres in effective use. The building is genuinely made of wood, as only its foundations, civil defence shelters and stairways are made of concrete. 

The school also hosts early childhood education and care groups, including non-standard-hour child care, a day-care centre and a pre-school. The school offers a space for young people in the evenings. The building also has a welfare counselling clinic.

In total, 750 comprehensive school pupils, 410 upper secondary school pupils and 310 children attending pre-primary and early childhood education and care started their academic year at the new school.

- The mood is good after the first day. The pupils had a lot of praise for the facilities, and in spaces such as the school cafeteria, many wondered how there was no noise even though the room is large, Lasse Tiilikka, the leading principal of the comprehensive school, said at the end of the day. 

In October 2016, the decision-makers of the City of Imatra made a big decision at the national scale to discard all risky properties used as schools. The old properties no longer met the needs of today. Wanting to guarantee healthy learning environments for all children was also a major incentive for coming up with a new solution.

The first school centre was completed a year ago, now was the time for the wooden school, and a third new school centre will be completed next autumn.

The decision made in 2016 did not only concern schools. The day-care centre network was also reformed at the same time. All three school centres serve as a facility for pre-primary education, and two of them have their own day-care centre.

The wooden school construction project was awarded to YIT. The Arkkitehtitoimisto Perko architect agency was responsible for the architectural design of the property. The building forms an interesting whole of wood and light both from the outside and inside.

The investment has been implemented as a life cycle project, which means that the construction company is responsible for the maintenance of the property for 20 years.


Additional information 

Lasse Tiilikka, Head Principal,, phone: +358 20 617 5718