Four piles of library books in jumbled order on top of a wooden box.
The books chosen by Sanarkist for his project.

The autumn of the Multiliteracy with Word Art project

2.9.2020 12:10
The word art and book advice project that started in the spring continues.

At the beginning of the year, when Korona was just a game, I was prepared to do a dozen word art and book advice gigs by the end of April. In March, they were cancelled. However, the Multiliteracies with Sanataiteella project, organized by the AKE Library in Lahti and financed by the Regional Administration Office, continues for me now, during September-November. How, I don't know yet.

After the world stopped in the spring, I desperately started shooting funny book recommendation videos at home. They can be found here: Sanarkist's video tips. The videos reached more viewers than I dared to expect, although towards the end the home-made filming without background music, effects and script was apparently already boring.

But now what? I haven't received answers from all the canceled spring groups yet, but it looks bad. In this case, maybe looking bad is ok, it's good to still be careful.

Making tip videos is nice, I'll probably continue them. The EU accessibility directive coming into effect in September, which obliges public sector operators to subtitle the videos they publish, among other things, poses its own challenge for them. This requires learning something new, but that's how life is these days. Old skills alone won't do.

I am trying to continue my project on the Internet. For a digi-senile like me, constantly promoting one's work on social media is not natural, the wisdom of a lazy person listing his work was already forged in his head as a child. It's a terrible threshold to go to Twitter, for example, and try to get people to share my updates. In my experience, apart from cat videos, mostly provocations that incite hatred and confrontation spread on Twitter. Twitter has played its part in ruining conversation culture and manners worldwide, grown people have regressed into half-grown bums. Gray and lukewarm opinions are of no interest to anyone.

Let's keep an eye on how it goes, we'll see in November. The project has made good progress at least in Lahti and Jokioiin, and in some way it will be visible in Imatra as well. I am satisfied so far. It was great that I was able to continue until the end of the first section in the spring, even though the mood changed.

I am happy to receive ideas on how to present folktales and book advice in the virtual world. My contact information can be found below.

mika. kahkonenatimatra.fi (mika[dot]kahkonen[at]imatra[dot]fi)
Tel: 020 617 6602