Tainionkoski's old stone school

The house of arts and skills is filling up fast in Tainionkoski

8.6.2020 19:04
The artists especially wanted quiet workspaces in the shelters of the stone school.

The future of the old Tainionkoski stone school looks promising. The school premises are quickly filled with artists and associations.

Tämä has been veryäin positive generalätys, thatä tenants have been approxäin quickly näin a lot of newcomers, facilities and security manager Sami Turunen says.

A little over a week ago, the premises on the third or top floor were still empty, now they are also starting to fill up. There are still a few spaces available. A total of 38 workspaces were offered for rent. The gym is also reserved. The new canteen building in the courtyard is still vacant. It would be suitable, for example, for a catering or bakery entrepreneur.

Spaces to be used in the fall were offered to all artists. Now reservations have been made especially by visual artists and associations. Some of them have wished for quiet workspaces.

A few bands were also interested in the premises. Unfortunately, the soundproofing of the band spaces from other workspaces and the electrical arrangements for sound reproduction would have cost tens of thousands of euros, which would have raised the rents of these band spaces clearly higher than others.

The city has bändi farms with old Itä- At Siitola school until 2022. It jäwe will map the band spaces again. Savikanna's school also rents spaces for bands. We are happy to help musicians find suitable training camps, says space and safety manager Sami Turunen.


For more information:

Facilities and security manager Sami Turunen, tel. 020 617 4450, sami.turunenatimatra.fi (sami[dot]turunen[at]imatra[dot]fi)