House of Arts.

Tainionkoski's stone school will be transformed into a house of the arts by the fall

1.6.2020 18:15
The two lowest floors are already reserved for new tenants.

Tainionkoski's stone school transforms into a house of arts and skills during the summer and early fall. School work on the property ended last Saturday.

The two lowest floors of the school are already occupied. The top, or third floor, can still accommodate tenants, the facilities and security manager Sami Turunen says.

Artists and associations

There are 1142 reserved square meters, only 499 square meters are available.

Seven artists and three associations are moving to the school. Two spaces have also been reserved for the city's Virta college. In addition, a self-employed loom will be opened for the school.

Especially visual artists who previously rented studios at Havurinne 1 are moving to Taitein talo. Their lease has been terminated by the end of August. Havrinne's old premises are in poor condition, and the building will be demolished by the end of the year.

Premises for a catering service or a bakery are available

The canteen building of Tainionkoski school is still looking for a tenant.

The premises are in good condition. They are suitable, for example, for lunch and catering or bakery operations.


For more information:

Facilities management and security manager Sami Turunen, phone 020 617 4450, sami.turunenatimatra.fi (sami[dot]turunen[at]imatra[dot]fi)

Property inquiries are answered by property manager Katriina Tella, tel. 05 235 2831 katriina.tellaatmitra.fi (katriina[dot]tella[at]mitra[dot]fi)