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16.3.2020 09:00
Hoard books, use the library's online services

The pandemic is now testing the whole society, of course it is also testing the Multiliteracy with Word Art project. For the next two weeks, I had booked myself five word art and book advice gigs, four of them have already been cancelled. It's good like this, although it's very sad. However, the most important thing now is that we do our best to slow down the spread of the virus.

The word art and book advice session does not arise by itself. It has to be prepared, it has to be practiced, it is polished into an even better pattern during every gig. You have to read a lot of books for that. Since the first half of my part of the Multiliteracies in Sanataiteella project continues despite the exceptional circumstances until the end of April, I will increasingly shift its focus here to social media. I don't want the useless work I've done to go to waste... So, for example, this week I'll hold a literary word art session here on my blog. We'll see how it goes.

Imatra's libraries are still open to our customers, at least for the time being. The main library is open on weekdays from 11 am to 18 pm, the local libraries are open every day from 7 am to 21 pm thanks to their own initiative. If you were going to hoard something, hoard reading. Reading, listening, watching. And remember the online services offered by the library. E-books, e-audio books, Naxos music and book services, Viddla film service, Rockway music school, eMagz magazines. All of these can be used from home. If you don't have a personal PIN code on your library card yet, go and request one from the library now. You cannot use online services without it.

Thus, as a librarian, I hope that we remain calm and do not spread rumors or purposeful disinformation. In her Yle article (March 14.3.2020, XNUMX), journalist Johanna Vehkoo gives good instructions on what to think about before spreading, for example, news or messages related to the coronavirus on social media:

"In general, you should take a moderate and critical approach to all information about news topics that arouse great emotions and possible panic. In social services, you should always stop and think for a while before passing on the information.

So ask these questions of all information about the coronavirus or other epidemics:
1) Who produces this information and with what expertise?
2) What are the motives of the information disseminator? Does anyone benefit from this?
3) Am I causing unnecessary panic if I share this content?
4) Can I check the information from another source known to be reliable?"

Now, if ever, the whole world must be blown into one coal. Any kind of pursuit of one's own interest - financial, political, etc. - from the side of this exceptional situation is the most despicable thing that can be and can be. Now our generation has the opportunity to show that we know how to act together for the common good when necessary. Let's show it.

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