Tainionkoski stone school continues its life.
Tainionkoski stone school continues its life.

From Tainionkoski school, the house of the arts

19.2.2020 17:44
Among other things, artist and hobby spaces and self-employed weaving are being planned.

The Tainionkoski school building will become a house of the arts. The idea of ​​a joint house for organizations and enthusiasts was the first to be revealed to the public once last October.

The idea is that the stone school building in Tainionkoski will be preserved and it will be turned into a common base for different arts and crafts, space and safety manager Sami Turunen says.

The aim is to gather art professionals and enthusiasts under the same roof.

During the spring, there will be discussions with, among other things, artists and clubs renting the city's premises. One group of artists invited to the negotiation is the artists working in Havurinne 1 and the users of the old gym in Itä-Siitola.

Negotiations and site surveys will be done during the spring. The school's renovations will be carried out next summer, so operations at Tainionkoski's art house could start in the fall, says Turunen.

Also the functions of the Virta school in Tainionkoski

It is already clear that some of the Virta school's manual skills courses will be organized in Tainionkoski's house of arts.

 They are located there part of teaching manual skills and fine arts. We mainly operate in the premises of the Mansikkala and Vuoksenniska school centers, the principal of Virta school Sarianna Purtilo says.

Part of the art and handicrafts course selection is still under investigation. We will talk about these later in the spring.

Tainionkoski's arts house also has plans for weaving enthusiasts. self-employed loom.

The city is hoping for contacts from clubs and artists who are interested in being placed in the arts house.

The plans are in the very early stages. It would be good if all the ideas were brought out now and we could plan the future use of the space together, says Turunen.

Property inquiries are answered by property manager Katriina Tella, 05 235 2831 katriina.tellaatmitra.fi (katriina[dot]tella[at]mitra[dot]fi)

The canteen is rented for business use

The reuse of the Tainionkoski school building is being planned, because teaching activities will move from there to the new school center in Mansikkala next August.

Along with Kivikolulu, the building of the canteen on koulunmäki remains. It will be offered for rent for business use, for example to caterers, bakeries or canteens. Other properties in the school area will be demolished.


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