At Imatra, for example, there has been an investment in language teaching.

There is plenty to choose from in Imatra's teaching offer

29.1.2020 18:31
Now applying for English-speaking classes and Eastern Finland school and music class. Several options for high school education.

It is not necessary for Imatra to go to special schools. In Imatra, teaching focused on a certain subject is quite extensive in both primary and secondary schools.

In the elementary school in the city, you can study with an emphasis on language, physical education and music. LTeaching with an emphasis on natural sciences is available in Vuoksenniska.

On the high school side, there are also sports and culture academy studies, a double degree option, an IB degree, and the Russian-language high school of the Eastern Finland school.

Imatra has the opportunity to study in a very versatile way and thus strengthen the student's strengths for their own school path, from pre-primary to second and higher education, head of educational services Minna Rovio says.

Basic education students also have a cultural path, YES entrepreneurship education, LUT junior university studies. Club activities and projects such as the Nesttec robotics project diversify basic studies for those who need them.

The application period is ongoing in languages 

The elementary school is currently recruiting new students for language-focused courses and music classes.

Eskarite search for bilingual classes (English) ends 5.2. You can already apply for a bilingual class when registering for the 1st grade.

Applicants' selection exams will be held on February 11-13.2. The exact time and place will be announced personally to those who have applied for the language class. The selection test does not require reading or writing skills or knowledge of the English language. 

More information about applying for a bilingual class here.

Finnish-Russian foundation-based to school in Eastern Finland there is also an ongoing search. The application period ends on 31.1. More about the Eastern Finland school search here.

Bilingual teaching as well as the operation of the school in Eastern Finland takes place in the Koski school center. Koski's focus is on languages ​​and internationality.

In music classes teaching is given from the third grade onwards. The music classes operate in the Mansikkala school center. The application for the music class ends on January 31.1.

The second degree application starts in February

Joint application to secondary education institutions is 18.2.–10.3.2020. Imatra offers secondary education Imatra high school ja Saimaa Vocational College.

In addition to traditional high school, Imatra co-educational high school offers studies for music and dance enthusiasts the Academy of Culture with. Also for goal-oriented sports, there is a dedicated training center maintained by Etelä-Karelia Liikunta and Urheilu sports academy.

IB high school on the other hand, offers an English-language, international high school diploma. Accordingly, high school education with an emphasis on the Russian language and culture is offered in the high school of the Eastern Finland school, whose students study together with the students of the joint upper secondary school.

Imatra co-educational high school cooperates closely with LUT University and the University of Eastern Finland. This aims to secure students' preparation for postgraduate studies.

─ Starting next fall, we will offer modern, high-quality and safe facilities in Finland's largest wood school, the principal of the co-educational high school Mika Strömberg says.

The Sports Academy supports competitive athletes

In addition to high school, studies at the Sports Academy are also offered to students in the 8th and 9th grades of vocational colleges and elementary schools who practice competitive sports.

The application period for the sports academy is until the end of March. High school students and vocational school students who aspire to the sports academy first apply for a training place in a joint application and for an academy right in a separate application in the spring.

Those aspiring to the cultural academy must also first apply for a study place in the joint application, and interest in academy studies is expressed when filling out the selection card in March.

For more information on the Sports Academy search here.


(Information supplemented on 30.1.: The application for the music class continues until 31.1.)

Application schedules

  • Application for bilingual (English-Finnish) teaching is ongoing. The application ends on February 5.2.
  • The Eastern Finland school's student search ends on January 31.1.
  • Joint application for second degree 18.2.-10.3.
  • Application to the sports academy by the end of March. If you are going to a secondary school, apply for a high school or vocational school place normally before this in a joint application.

Get to know bilingual education

  • You can also familiarize yourself with the bilingual teaching on the Open house day on Thursday, January 30.1.2020, 9 from 12 am to 9 pm at the forest module of Koski school (gray module building).
  • On Thursday, January 30.1.2020, 18, an information event will also be organized from 8 p.m. at the Koske school center in the Lyseo hall (Kanavakatu XNUMX) for the guardians of children who want bilingual education.