Emmi Liiri sitting at the desk with a book in front of her.
Emmi Liiri attends 1e grade at Koske school

Emmi, who attends language class, likes going to school

21.1.2020 10:16
Bilingual classes studying in English and Finnish work at Koske school.

Attending first class Emmi Liiri applied for the language class inspired by the English teaching he received in preschool. Emmi's father Mika Liirin according to Emmi's enthusiasm could not be missed.

- We always talked about English on the days when there was an English class. When we then asked if he wanted to go to the language class, he was very enthusiastic. It was his decision. We went through everything. The fact that it is more than two kilometers from us to Koske's school and 750 meters to the future Mansikkala school center.

Imatra's local transport schedules are targeted at the beginning and end of schools. The liri have also counted on the bus.

- There have been no problems with the school trip, Emmi has also started to learn how to travel by bus and if it starts to go smoothly, you can travel by bus in the winters, mother Marjo Liiri says.

Emmi's schooling has been going well since the first fall of school is over.

- It's fun at school. Almost all subjects have English. Sometimes it's a little difficult, but otherwise it's pretty easy. English is adequate. My favorite thing at school is English and recess, explains Emmi Liiri.

Fifth e-grade teacher Miia Nokelainen says that English is studied more than usual in bilingual education. 

- Since the fall of the first grade, English has been taught for two hours a week and overall more than in other grades. In addition, the language is studied in other subjects in connection with studying the content. In the sixth grade, teaching is already mainly in English.

Language students often have the motivation to go to school and it is also reflected in the results

- It's wonderful to see how your own students are doing in the world. Many have progressed really well in their studies and career even after school, Nokelainen rejoices.