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18.12.2019 13:27
Sanarkist's thoughts on his first book advice gig.

What is a book tip?

The main theme of my Sanarkisti project is the promotion of reading. It is also the main task of the library, because learning and understanding starts from reading. In my project, I try to promote reading with book recommendations. Book recommendation is a familiar word, at least to us librarians, we have been recommending books to customers long before the term even existed. In all its simplicity, book advice is talking about books, as the original name of the term, book talk, says. Talking about books, enticing to read. That it is.

There are certainly as many book review styles as there are reviewers. Someone gives book presentations, someone acts, someone runs a stand-up show. I got my advice lessons from Marja-Leena Mäkelä, a pioneer in the field, almost 20 years ago. His style of whispering was fast-paced, rich and exciting. His tips usually had the same cliffhanger as the TV sequels. That style suited him, and it suits me. I'm an emergency man.

So I don't do book presentations, but I try to arouse the interest of the potential reader quickly and preferably with a bit of humor. Advising is not literary criticism, but attracting to literature. The target of the tip should be left hungry. The good thing about such a fast-paced style is that you can fit a lot of books in a short time.

I went from my project team to hold my first tipping session at the Melkoniemi village association's Christmas party. It was an exciting place to perform for the villagers, but I haven't written a book in a couple of years. There was a lot of room for improvement, but it was nothing catastrophic. This is good to continue. Next time there should also be a small part of word art. Before that I have to find out for myself what it means... But I'll get back to that next year, now I wish everyone a Merry Christmas! Go to the libraries, there are three in Imatra.

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