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Mika Kähkönen

Sanarchist - from words to actions

12.12.2019 14:51
In my first blog post, I present the Sanarkisti project.

Sanarkist's blog intro.

I am librarian Mika Kähkönen. In this blog, I will tell about the Multiliteracies with Sanataiteella project of the Lahti city library, which handles the regional development task, in which the Imatra city library also participates. My contribution to the project is the Sanarkist - from words to actions project.
My intention was to use my own Borderline Cases blog as a platform for my writings related to the project, but as a serious-minded gentleman, I thought it better to keep the ramblings of my civilian self separate from work matters. I promise that the level of my texts here on the homepage of the city of Imatra will remain the same as in my civilian blog. You have now been warned.

I was able to participate in the "Multiliteracy with art" project, because this year I also participated in the content and art ambassador training organized by the Lahti City Library. In the Sanarkisti project, I use the low-threshold book recommendation template I developed during the ambassador training. A low-threshold book recommendation means that I recommend easy and comfortable reading, not difficult high literature, where everything exciting happens between the lines.

In accordance with the name of the project, there will also be word art in the whining sessions. One of the goals of my project is to open up the meaning of the term word art. It's strange even for me, because I'm alien to the word art. From the project team, I think I will find out that anyone can make word art.
The main goal of my project is to promote reading. the most important thing is reading, not what you read. All kinds of reading are good, but you have to know how to approach reading critically. Multiliteracy also needs to be promoted, in today's media world, which unfortunately relies a lot on mere images or even outright lying.

I am doing the Sanarkisti project 50% of the working time in 2019-2020 during December-April and September-November. My purpose is not only to work here on social media, but also to get in touch with customers. My domain is South Karelia, so those interested in book advice sessions and light word art can contact me.

mika. kahkonenatimatra.fi (mika[dot]kahkonen[at]imatra[dot]fi)
Tel: 020 617 6602