Close-up of the researcher
Researcher Andrija Milojevic, from Lappeenranta University of Technology

"Robots will become members of society," predicts the researcher

26.11.2019 18:47
Experts talked about the application of robotics and programming at the international seminar for schoolchildren at Holiday Club Saimaa. The audience was full of students from the schools of Imatra and school number 622 in Pietar.

A researcher who told about the history of robots Andrija Milojevic from Lappeenranta University of Technology said that robots are already part of our society and will become more and more in the future.

- Robots become members of society. In the future, we will live in some kind of synergy with robots. In that, robots are extensions of people. 

Will increasingly intelligent robots take over and harm humans? Milojevic dismisses this fear as a fantasy created by Hollywood movies.

- You have to learn to live with them. If we show robots our life as it is, it will learn to understand that the most important thing in it is love. Even the robot learns that.

Robots can therefore be taught emotions, but according to Milojevic, one thing separates them from humans. 

- Robots haven't learned creativity yet. 

Professor at St. Petersburg University of Technology Vladimir Zaborovsky opened up the importance of robots in space exploration.

- Space fascinates us, but it is dangerous for humans there. In space, replacing a human with a robot offers a particularly great benefit. Robots can be used there to conquer distant planets, maintain connections or create different materials in conditions where there is no gravity.

Zaborovski especially expects robotics to develop medical diagnostics.

- We will each carry our own devices, which store our genetics, blood analysis and so on. Devices know how to predict our diseases better than humans, because they can manage a large amount of information, Zaborovski believes.

According to Zaborovski, young people are interested in robotics and even children can understand it.

- Two weeks ago, we organized the 14th Robotics Olympiad at our university. Previously, we only invited students, but now for the first time schoolchildren participated in the competition, including school number 622, which is involved in this project, says Zaborovski with satisfaction.

The seminar was part of the Nesttec project funded by the neighborhood program of South-Eastern Finland and Russia. Tomorrow, Tuesday, the project continues with workshops where children program and build robots and test their operation.

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