Aurauslumet kipataan jatkossa Kuparin tyhjälle teollisuustontille.

Imatra no longer folds snow to river Vuoksi

New snow collecting place in Kupari area.

The city of Imatra refuses to tip over snow to Vuoksi. The snowfall to the stream is being abandoned for environmental reasons and at Fortum's request. With the snow, material that is not good for water or dam structures may end up in the Vuoksi.

─ We are now testing a new snow collection site this winter and then evaluating our experience of whether the site is a good one, ”says Ville Pesu, engineer in charge of purchase orders in Imatra.

The new location for tipping snow is located on an empty industrial site between the Copper and Ovako area.

The plot has two snow cover areas, the smaller of which is a spare area.

─ The area is so ready for this that there is nothing more than a small clearing of trees and surface removal. For melting water, old settlements and forests are utilized. Melting water should also be controlled in the area, Pesu says.

Population in the Kupari area has been taken into account in the planning. All traffic to the area is via Ovako mill area.

Snow loads brought by private individuals are also allowed in the snow collection area. Carrying snow to the area is between 6am and 6pm. Other times, the area is closed by a boom. The old Vuoksi snow dump site is closed by a boom.

The amount of snow loads collected annually from the city area varies. Last year, Imatra Real Estate and Area Service (KIPA) drove 1,200 snow loads.

For more information:

Purchase order engineer Ville Pesu, tel. +358 20 617 4421,