Tainionkoski's old stone school

The old stone school in Tainionkoski is not about to be demolished

3.10.2019 19:06
The primary wish is to find new users for the premises. One option is a hobby center.

The city of Imatra is not demolishing the old stone school property in Tainionkoski. Although the matter will be prepared so that the conservation designation is removed, the primary purpose is to find another use for the old Tainionkoski stone school from autumn 2020 onwards.

Hobby use is considered as one option for Tainionkoski school.

─ The plan change does not prevent the fine stone school from being used, for example, as a hobby facility, as it could function as. It would be great if the Tainionkoski school became an organization and hobby center with versatile activities, which strengthens the local identity and spirit, urban development director Topiantti Ääks says.

Along the same lines, there is a space and safety manager Sami Turunen.

─ The current information about the condition of the building does not prevent the old school from being used as another space. Nothing has yet been decided about the future use of the house, Turunen emphasizes.

Demolition of the protection designation in connection with other zoning certainly gives the possibility to demolish the house if the property cannot be used despite attempts. The old building cannot be kept empty for long and the city cannot afford to pay for the walls.

The demolition of the protection designation will be considered by the Urban Development Board on October 22.10.

Instead, Tainiontalo in Pihapiiri will be demolished when it goes out of use after spring 2020.

Premises maybe also for weavers

If the idea of ​​a hobby farm goes ahead, the weaving mill at Tainiontalo could also move to the old stone school. They cannot fit in the premises of a vocational school, although this option has also been presented in public.

─ At the same time, we will think about whether weaving is no longer within the scope of Virta-opisto's teaching activities or if this hobby could be managed by someone else or a purely self-initiated hobby, Virta-opisto's principal Sarianna Purtilo says.


For more information:

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Sarianna Purtilo 020 617.5401, sarianna. purtiloatimatra.fi