Testijuna Pietarista Imatralle on RZD:n uudentyyppistä kalustoa.

The test train is scheduled to arrive in Imatra from Saint Petersburg in late September

Russian Railways (RZD) is treating its visitors to a journey to Imatra on a test train.

According to current information, a passenger train is set to arrive in Imatra from Russia on Saturday 28 September.

The train is on a test run to Imatra from Saint Petersburg via Antrea. The test run is conducted to determine rail traffic development needs on this route.

According to initial plans, the train will stop at the Imatrankoski station from 10 am to 4 pm. The train has a new type of engine that is able to utilise both diesel and electricity.

RZD is in charge of implementing the test run. The passengers include Finnish and Russian guests of the company. An expert seminar on rail traffic development will be organised for the guests at Valtionhotelli (the state hotel).

RZD’s goal is to open passenger rail traffic between Imatra and Saint Petersburg.

“Together, Imatra and the Regional Council of South Karelia are working to support the internationalisation of the Imatra border station, which would benefit the development of both freight and passenger traffic between the two countries,” says City of Imatra Liaison Director Tea Laitimo.


Further information:

Liaison Director Tea Laitimo, tel. 020 617 2212, tea.laitimo@imatra.fi