Erasmus + youth exchange 2019

The youth services of Imatra and Lappeenranta jointly implement the Erasmus+ youth exchange

17.7.2019 12:36
The youth services of the city of Imatra together with the Lappeenranta youth service implement a joint Erasmus + youth exchange. The project's youth exchange week in Finland is July 22-29.7.2019, 2019. Madeira, Portugal and the youth services of the cities of Imatra and Lappeenranta in Finland operate as exchange countries. In April 24, the young Finns were in Madeira for an exchange week. 12 young people are involved in the project (12 from Finland and XNUMX from Madeira).

Young people's own participation is supported

Youth exchange is an international meeting of youth groups, which the young people themselves have planned. Joint planning culminates in an exchange where the plans are implemented in the groups' home countries. In the planning phase, young people from different countries make decisions together: they decide on the topic of the project and build a functional program through which the topic is learned. Activities are planned for the day program, which the young people lead themselves according to their abilities. The idea of ​​the exchange is to learn about a topic of interest to young people, which is related to the goals and priorities set by the Erasmus + program for the youth sector. 

The young people of the Erasmus + project named it Violence Free emotional skills 2019. The goal is to use different methods to get young people to think about their own emotional skills, about the use of violence prevention in e.g. relationships, friendships or other working environments for young people. Active activity arouses new ideas and young people learn from each other. The subject is discussed, for example, through theatre, different forms of art and experiences. 


Learning is recognized and acknowledged

Young people evaluate their own learning in relation to the goals they have set. The experiences gained through the activity are analyzed either in a group or with the help of adults. New skills, knowledge and changes in attitude are identified in discussions and their importance to one's own life is considered together. In planning, preparation and implementation, each group has an adult group leader to support them. The counselors lead young people further in their reflections, and help them recognize their own learning. As proof of participation and learning in the youth exchange, young people receive a Youthpass certificate, which is a valuable addition to the young person's CV.


Regional cooperation

The joint project implemented with the young people of Imatra and Lappeenranta also strengthens the cooperation between the cities, the young people's own participation, language skills, and the creation of new regional friendships. The youth exchange is funded by the European Union's Erasmus + program. In Finland, the national office of the Erasmus + program at Opetushallitus is responsible for the administration and implementation of the Erasmus + program.


Responsible for the project: 

Marika Vento, youth services of the city of Imatra/responsible youth instructor/supervisor

Iina Kovalainen, youth services of the city of Imatra/cabin counselor

Nina Laine, Lappeenranta city youth service/youth instructor