Tainionkoski planning area

The future of the Imatrankoski and Tainionkoski school properties to be aligned

6.5.2019 10:55
Presentation of station plan changes on Thursday. Tainionkoski school is still proposed to be protected, Tainiontalo and Imatrankoski school to be demolished.

The future of Imatrankoski and Tainionkoski schools is now being considered. Studies in both schools end when the Mansikkala school center is completed in the fall of 2020.

The site plan change proposals for the school areas can be seen from today, i.e. 6.5. from

In the plans, it is proposed for the Imatrankoski school that the school be demolished and that apartment buildings be allowed to be built on the site.

The adjacent daycare center and the daycare center's parking and escort traffic are presented in the site plan change with their own block areas. The wooded outdoor recreation area of ​​the school block will be combined into a regional recreation area. The tennis and roller skating courts will remain in the plan change, and the ball court will have its own area.

The Tainionkoski school property will be preserved

In the plan change, the old Tainionkoski school building is presented for protection in accordance with the current general plan.

─ We hope to find a further use for it, urban planning manager Ulla Karjalainen says.

Instead, Tainiotalo, i.e. the former middle school, should not be preserved. The building would require a complete renovation, the costs of which would rise to the same as new construction. The school's additional buildings and the additional building located on the northern edge of the old school yard will also be demolished as they are in poor condition.

Residential construction is proposed to replace the demolished Tainiotalo.

The area's parking areas, trees and inner-block walkways will be preserved

in the formula change as it is now.

Presentation of the plans next Thursday

The layout plans will be presented on Thursday, May 9, from 13 to 18 in the lower hall of the Imatra town hall, i.e. the Winter Garden.

The planning materials were published on Sunday on the city's website (imatra.fi). The station master plans are available for viewing until June 7.6.2019, XNUMX. 

Feedback on the plan drafts must be submitted by 7.6.2019 June 15.00 at 2:55100 (City of Imatra, Urban Development and Technical Services, Urban Planning, Virastokatu XNUMX, XNUMX Imatra) or by email (registryatimatra.fi). The feedback form is available on the internet and from Imatra's town hall for urban planning.


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Urban planning manager Ulla Karjalainen, tel. 020 617 4457, ulla. Karelianatimatra.fi