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Mitra from YH-Rakennuttaja Imatra

28.6.2018 17:04
The new name better matches the work.

Imatra YH-Rakennuttaja Oy changed its name. In the future, the company will be Mitra Imatra Rakennuttaja Oy. In everyday life, the company uses the name Mitra.

When pronounced and visually, the name Mitra has a clear connection to Imatra. It's a succinct name. The new name better describes the current operation, chairman of the company's board Tommi Matikainen says.

In the future, Mitra's logo can also be used as an umbrella for Imatran Toimitilat Oy, Yritystilat Oy and Vuokra-asunnot Oy managed by the company.

In addition to the name change, the company is renewing its entire brand.

The big change was started because our operations have expanded significantly in recent years. The old name no longer corresponds to everything we do. Of course, public construction is still part of our operations. YH's time is over nationally as well, CEO Lassi Nurmi says.

In connection with the brand renewal, Mitra makes a new service promise. It is: "Let's take care of it!"

Mitra has a service approach in everything he does. Things are handled without delay and with expertise. We have the same speech and the same attitude. We are an open-minded developer who makes Imatra a better place to try and live. That is our value, Nurmi states.

Mitra's name logo is in the shape of a brick and it symbolizes the company's role as a developer of the city of Imatra, maintainer of the building stock and project developer. The main color in Mitra's brand is dark blue. One accent color is orange, which is also the main color of the company's owner, i.e. the city of Imatra.

The new brand is not a turning back on the past.

 On the contrary, our almost 70-year history has been great and impressive. We are now facing something new again and we want to develop with the times, Nurmi states.

The company's renewed website opens today at: mitra.fi

The advertising agency Roister Marketing Oy is behind the company's new brand.



For more information:

CEO Lassi Nurmi, Lassi Nurmi, lassi. grassatmitra.fi (lassi[dot]nurmi[at]mitra[dot]fi), tel. 05 2352830

Chairman of the Board Tommi Matikainen, emptyatimatra.fi , tel. 0400 810 031




Mitra Oy

  • Three eras in the company's history: 1.) HAKA of Imatra 1949-1978 , 2.) Imatran YH-Rakennuttaja Oy 1978-2018, 3.) Mitra Imatra Rakennuttaja Oy 2018- .
  • Industry: The company's main areas of business are business and business premises management, rental apartments and shared ownership apartments, as well as hosting and construction. Mitra manages its real estate companies, takes care of their customer service tasks and commissions and builds their real estate maintenance, maintenance and construction projects. In addition, Mitra commissions and builds the civil engineering and area management services ordered by the city of Imatra. The activity also includes project development related to the construction of the city.
  • The company belongs to the Imatra city group and is owned by the city of Imatra.
  • Staff: 23
  • Turnover: 12,1 million EUR, including all managed companies, about EUR 38 million. euro.
  • CEO: Lassi Nurmi
  • The company's board: Tommi Matikainen (president), Veikko Hämäläinen (vice president), Erkki Saarimäki, Sari Pöyhönen, Jouko Partanen, Heli Mattila and Tuija Kuikka.