Imatra dedicates the Jubilee to its citizens

Imatra’s roots reach back hundreds of years – Now is the time to celebrate 70 years of being a city

Imatra’s birthday celebrations start at the beginning of the year. That is when the Jubilee logo for the festivities will be revealed in ice on Inkerinaukio. The work will be completed by ice sculptors Jere Nuppola and Juuso Partanen. The ice sculpture also marks the start of the Talven taikaa Imatralla (Winter Wonderland in Imatra) entity of works comprising the Soundome ice igloo in Varpasaari, the ice castle commissioned by Imitsi in Koskenparras and the ice art path, which will be a creative project involving citizens and organisations.

The New Year will be welcomed with two firework displays. After that, the celebrations will continue in the form of numerous events organised for citizens.

“The Jubilee year is organised for the citizens. We hope that everyone in Imatra gets involved in brainstorming more events and first and foremost participates,” says Tea Laitimo, Chair of the Jubilee Committee.

The Jubilee focuses on the Vuoksi River

The theme of the Jubilee is the development of Vuoksi.

“We will be drafting a comprehensive plan on how Vuoksi and its surroundings could be emphasised more.  Lighting is a key aspect. The Vuoksi team will prepare proposals for decision-makers,” says Topiantti Äikäs, Chief City Development Officer. The city is also preparing to establish a protected forest area in its Jubilee year. This would be a gift to future citizens. Presently, there are two or three possible locations for the nature reserve.

Jubilee logo for events

The city's Jubilee logo has been designed by Kaj Salin. The logo is offered for the use of local events upon request.  Any events with permission to use the logo will also be featured on the city's events listings. The city publishes monthly events once a week.

You can find Jubilee events here.


Tea Laitimo, Director of Strategic Projects

+358 400 156 677

Leena Peura-Kuusela, Communications Specialist

+358 20 617 2207