The height information of construction sites changes

11.1.2018 01:29
Attention builders, the change takes effect on Monday.

The city of Imatra will change the height system on Monday, January 15.1.2018, 43. The difference between the old system (N2000) and the new system (N25) in Imatra is about 0,25 cents. At worst, builders can use information from the wrong height system to build their buildings at a height of XNUMX meters wrong. So, on construction sites, pay attention to which height system your plans are in and the measuring devices used work.  

For more than half a year, the used height and coordinate system has been marked on the maps issued by Imatra's urban planning. As of January 15.1.2018, 2000, the height curves of the city's internet map service are in the NXNUMX system, the map service can be found at kartta.imatra.fi.