A fox figure and an orange city bike in front of the Imatra tent on a sunny day.

The national cycling week is celebrated from 5 to 14.5.2023 May XNUMX

28.4.2023 10:36
See here all the events of the week at Imatra.

The main theme of the week is "Bike parking - the right solution for the right place".  With the theme of the national cycling week, we want to draw attention to bicycle parking, its quality, quantity, placement and usability.

City bike day 5.5. kicks off cycling week

On City Bike Day in Imatra, there are also cleaning tasks from the Million Trash Bags campaign. During the day, city bikes are free for six hours.

- The city bike station will also be brought between the Imatrankoski bridges during the cleaning work. It's worth using the bikes and pedaling further to clean, encourages the participation coordinator Heikki Laine from the city.

All Imatra kindergartens and preschool units participate in the cycling week.

 For a week, a cycling guinea pig has been hiding in Imatra's early childhood education and preschool units.

All early childhood education units are encouraged to go for a bike ride either to their own early childhood education unit or a little further and look for guinea pig posters in the yards of the units.

- The cycling guinea pig posters have a qr code that can be read on a phone, which opens an exercise video. In some units, the children have recorded videos themselves, the physical education instructor Suvi Seppänen says.

Family cycling day is on Sunday 7.5 May. Early childhood education encourages families to cycle together and look for a cycling guinea pig in the kindergarten's yards and windows.

13.5 of Imatra's Village Cycling Day. the main venue is in Varpasaari

South Karelia Liikunta i Urheilu organizes Imatra's Village Cycling Day. The event encourages people to get to know the surrounding area on a cycling holiday, by visiting different, unique destinations. 

The day starts in Varpasaari at 10 a.m. and lasts until 15 p.m. in the afternoon.

The program includes, among other things, various cycling tasks for children, as well as a bicycle and helmet check point for all ages and road sign recognition tasks.

In addition, it is possible to go on a free and guided village cycling tour, which starts at 10.30:XNUMX a.m. from Varpasaari. Cycling at the event is at your own risk.

More information about the village cycling day and the Imatra destinations participating in it can be found on the website of Etelä-Karjalan Liikunta ja Urheilu ry.

Imatra's Village Cycling Day

For more information:

participation coordinator Heikki Laine, city of Imatra, weak. waveatimatra.fi (heikki[dot]laine[at]imatra[dot]fi), tel. 020 617 2321

exercise instructor Suvi Seppänen, city of Imatra, summer. seppanenatimatra.fi (suvi[dot]seppanen[at]imatra[dot]fi), tel. 020 617 5356

Cycling week 2023 events in Imatra

  • 5.5. city ​​bike day and cleaning tasks. During the day, you can use the city bike for free for six hours.
  • 7.5. family cycling day
  • 10.5. Move with us event:
    •  exercise event for seniors and elderly people in the yard of the Imatra Sports Hall on Wednesday 10.5 at 13.-15. The event includes an exercise program, e.g. outdoor exercise, games and balancing, and the opportunity to participate in a body composition measurement. A representative of Liikenneturva will also be there to talk about cycling safety.
  • 13.5. village cycling day from 10 am to 15 pm in Varpasaari and a guided bike tour to nearby destinations.
In a sketch of city traffic, there are motorists and cyclists at an intersection.

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