Planting of rainbow trout in Mellonlahti.

Mellonlahti wakes up to a new era

20.2.2024 10:56
The first stocking of rainbow trout according to the new permit policy will take place this week.

During this week, the first batch of rainbow trout of the year will be planted in Mellonlahti. Fishing can start immediately after planting, when the license is in order.

In Mellonlahti, worm fishing and ice fishing also require a permit

Mellonlahti's fishing license practice has changed from before to the extent that Vuoksi's fishing license is no longer valid in Mellonlahti, but a separate fishing license is required for Mellonlahti. Daily and weekly permits are available.

The price of a daily permit is 16 euros and a weekly permit is 50 euros. For those under 18, the permit is half cheaper.

— With your own fishing permit, the activity of the bay can be developed and maintained as a year-round fishing spot, says the fishing master Tomi Menna from the city.

Rainbow salmon come from Viitasaari. Planting is carried out in winter during mild weather.

For more information:

fishing master Tomi Menna, city of Imatra, tomi.goatimatra.fi (tomi[dot]menna[at]imatra[dot]fi), tel. 020 617 4303

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