Computer tables used by library customers.

Logging in to the library's computers will be renewed

9.6.2023 10:49
The reform affects a small part of users. In the future, the machines can only be accessed with a Heili library card. Other own user IDs no longer work.

Until now, it has been possible to log in to Imatra libraries' customer computers not only with a Heili library card but also with previously created user IDs.

This is now about to change. Midsummer week In 2023, the login system will be cleaned of the registry, after which computers can only be accessed with a Heili library card.

- It harmonizes the rules of the game and makes it easier to maintain the customer register when we clean up the old user IDs that predate the Heili library collection, says the library expert Ari Sareslahti.

Do this when you want to use the library's computers

If you have used a Library card ID starting with 153A or a username you have invented to log in to the computers, change it to the number of your Heili library card and the PIN code attached to it.

If you don't have a Heili card, you can get one from the staff free of charge. All you need is a photo ID.

- For tourists and other passengers, the staff can open the machine with visitor IDs, advises Sareslahti.

- We hope that everyone who regularly uses the library's computers will get their own library card, he continues.

Notices about the reform have been added to the desks of the library's customer computers.

For more information:

library expert Ari Sareslahti, ari.sareslahtiatimatra.fi (ari[dot]sareslahti[at]imatra[dot]fi)

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