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Libraries collect customer feedback

27.11.2023 12:59
The survey is open until December 10.

The feedback survey for Imatra's libraries has started. The survey collects information on, among other things, what customers think of library services, which services they feel are most necessary and how well the opening hours serve customers.

The survey can be answered electronically in this link. In addition, all three libraries, i.e. the main library, the Rajapatsa library and the Vuoksenniska library, have the option to fill out the questionnaire on paper.

—The time to answer is until December 10. As a small carrot, among those who left their contact information, we will draw a gift card worth 50 euros to Vuoksi Bookstore, head of the culture and learning center Sarianna Purtilo says.

The survey is open on 10.12. until.

For more information:

head of the culture and learning center Sarianna Purtilo, sarianna. purtiloatimatra.fi (sarianna[dot]purtilo[at]imatra[dot]fi), tel. 020 617 5401

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Päivi Tuomainen

I usually go once a month…

I usually go once a month to borrow books and DVDs. I will extend the loan period online if you haven't had time to read the books. It's good that you can renew 5 times if there are no reservations and the DVD loan period is also sufficient for 2 weeks.


Over the past year I have…

During the last year, I have needed the services of the library especially a lot because I have started my studies. I've borrowed a lot of books related to my studies and the HEILI service is really good, because it's possible to get books all over the province if you can't find them at Imatra.

I have also used smartblock mode for studying. I can do study assignments in peace.

The self-service time has worked really well for me, as have the loan machines. It's good that you can now return books to them!

The library staff has been really friendly and helpful!

Essie Ferrell

I go to the library just…

I only go to the library to borrow and return books and take advantage of the self-service time when I happen to be on the move outside of staff hours. If there was no self-service time, I would visit less. Reading is my most long-term and beloved hobby, so a well-accessible library is an excellent and important thing for me.

It's easy to find what I'm looking for in the library, and I've had no problems with the loan machines. Really handy devices when you can "read" all the books you can borrow at once!

As far as I remember, I have dealt with the staff twice, and I have nothing negative to say about the experiences.

I also greatly appreciate the possibility offered by Heili libraries to order books from another library in the group and to order new loans easily online.


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