Flashlights in the dark
You should check the functionality of the flashlights and take them to a place where they are easy to find.

It is good to be prepared for short power outages in time

17.11.2022 14:19
School centers have been asked to limit power outages. This bulletin will be updated as more information about the possible effects of power outages accumulates.

 It has been warned nationally that short-term power outages next winter may be possible. The city of Imatra has already prepared for possible power outages in its own service production.

The city has held discussions with the electricity company about properties that should be demarcated outside of power outages.

However, if power cuts occur in these properties, various disadvantages have been weighed. For example, the functionality of electric doors and teaching arrangements have been thought about. School security lights are also on during power outages.

─ It is essential that even in these situations we can create a safe feeling for children and young people and continue everyday life in schools. For younger students, Imatran Seudun Sähkö is donating headlamps for school use, head of education and youth services Minna Rovio says.

In early childhood education, the smoothness of everyday life is ensured

During power outages, we also try to keep early childhood education activities running in kindergartens and family day care as normal as possible. 

At Imatra, pre-school education works in school centers. If there are power outages in the winter, they can mainly be targeted at other early childhood education units. Children are not transferred to other units during these short power outages.

The lack of electricity closes the sports and exercise facilities

If power outages occur in winter, they will affect Imatra's leisure services. Sports and cultural facilities have to be closed and emptied of customers during breaks. 

This applies, for example, to ice rinks, gyms, libraries, theaters and Kulttuuritalo Virta. 

No showers during breaks

Various tips are also available for households in case of power outages.

Imatra Water advises on its own website to avoid using water during power outages. You can flush the toilet and take cold drinking water from the tap, but showers should be skipped during breaks.

Also the Imatra region environmental action gives instructions on food storage, the temperature of household circulating water and the preparation of animal facilities.

Read Imatra Vuokra-asunnot Oy's bulletin on preparing for power outages and tips for saving energy in rental apartments.

Houses do not cool down immediately

Almost all forms of heating need electricity. Burners, circulating water pumps, fans and other actuators as well as measuring, control and data transmission devices are electrically powered and their operation is interrupted during a power outage.

Imatran Lämpö Oy can supply district heat even during power outages. During short power outages of a couple of hours, the buildings still do not cool down significantly. Of course, all unnecessary opening of doors and ventilation should be avoided.

─ As a rule, heating systems start up after a break without intervention. In district heating houses, avoid using hot water for at least half an hour after the outage, CEO of Imatra Lämmö Vesa-Pekka Vainikka advises.

If the heat in the house does not return to normal within a day of the outage, contact housekeeping.

Imatran Lämpö Oy published its own bulletin on the subject.

Take care of home theft

Households should always be prepared for power outages and other disruptions home equity okay

Household supplies are the kind of basic equipment that household residents can use to get by for 72 hours.

A good home supply of food is, for example, canned food, chocolate, baby food, crackers, biscuits and juices. Even heat-heated milk can be stored at room temperature for months. It is also good to have foods that taste good even when cold. Water and personal medicines are one important part of the household supply.

In terms of household goods, it is good to take care of loved ones as well. If there is an elderly person nearby, see if they have enough food in stock.

You can find more information about home wealth 72tuntia.fi/kotivarafrom the address.

Monitor communications

At the moment, power outages are not topical, but if there is a power shortage next winter, the possibility of outages will be announced.

It's worth following the news. Imatran Seudun Sähkö informs about the extent of the disturbances on its own pages.

The Fingrid application is also good to download to your phone, because in addition to the electricity price, in the future it will also warn of an approaching electricity shortage.

If the outages cause disruptions to the city's services, they will be announced on the imatra.fi website. During unusual disturbances, advice can be found from the city's disturbance bulletin page, which will then be promoted to the number one news spot on the city's website.

In order to monitor disturbance communications, you should ensure that there is power in telephones, laptops and backup power sources.