A study room with a desk and chairs.
Remote work facilities are located in Kulttuuritalo Virra. The equipment of the room in the picture is still in progress.

The city of Imatra offers remote work spaces for rent

29.1.2021 16:06
Kulttuuritalo The study located in Virra can be rented for a day or a week. The facilities are ideal for, for example, remote workers from out of town.

Kulttuuritalo Virtaa opens three single-person remote workspaces for rent. Anyone can rent the space for their use for a day, a week or a month.

The offices are located on the second floor of Kulttuuritalo, near the cafe. The rooms are about 20 square meters in size.

The level of equipment is good: the rooms have a desk and chair, monitor, keyboard and mouse, a speakerphone to facilitate remote meetings, a larger screen on the wall and, of course, internet access.

-Furthermore, all study rooms have a small sitting corner with seats for two people. The rooms also have a closet and a water point, space and security manager Sami Turunen says.

You can print in the library located in the same property.

Providing workspaces supports the city's vitality efforts

The rent for the office is 200 euros per month or 70 euros per week. The daily rent is 15 euros.

- Our purpose is not to make a profit by renting, but to offer work spaces to those who need them. For example, out-of-towners who work remotely may occasionally need a study room from Imatra, Turunen reflects.

Providing different entrepreneurial and working space options supports the city's vitality efforts.
- Such short-term space solutions are even more in demand in the modern entrepreneur-based working life. Providing workspaces is especially topical now that the pandemic has changed specialist work to an even wider extent independent of location, deputy city manager Kaisa Heino says.

The rooms can be booked on 8.2. from

Kulttuuritalo's rental studios are intended for short-term use and can be booked for a maximum of two months at a time.

The rooms are available for rent on weekdays and can be used from 8 a.m. to 20 p.m.

The reservation is made through the electronic reservation system and is paid at the time of booking. After making the reservation, the person making the reservation will receive a PIN code in their e-mail, with which they can enter the study room.

Premises can be reserved from Monday 8.2 February. from The link to the reservation system can be found at the latest in the city of Imatra, Cultural house Virran and Imatra Base Camp from the website.

- The reservation system is a bit clumsy for now, but we will update it during the spring, says Turunen.


For more information:

Facilities and security manager Sami Turunen, sami.turunenatimatra.fi (sami[dot]turunen[at]imatra[dot]fi), 020 617 4450

Rooms for rent Kulttuuritalo Virra

  • Size about 20 square meters
  • Equipment 
    • desk and chair
    • screen, keyboard and mouse
    • speaker phone
    • large screen on the wall
    • lounge area
    • cabinet
    • Water point
  • Price list
    • €200/month
    • €70/week
    • €15/day
  • Available for rent 8.2. from Mon-Friday from 8 to 20
  • Rental electronically, the link will be published later on the websites of the City, Kulttuuritalo Virra and Imatra Base Camp